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Recent Blog Posts

Wife of Eugene Police Officer Who was Shot to Death Files $5.75 Million Lawsuit
by Don Corson on April 18, 2013

The wife of a Eugene police officer who was shot to death in the line of duty in 2011 filed a $5.75 million lawsuit against the mentally ill woman who killed him. Officer Chris Kilcullen was 43 when he died on April 22, 2011 after he tried to stop 56-year-old Cheryl Kidd for erractic driving and speeding. Kidd fired a .38-caliber bullet out the window of her Buick Skylark, striking Kilcullen in the chest.

Representing Truckers Against Negligent Trucking Companies
by Don Corson on July 16th 2012

Some trial and appellate courts in Oregon have upheld arguments by trucking companies and their insurers that they should not be held liable for injuries caused to a passenger in the truck. Indeed, as one trucking company defense counsel in our case pointed out to the trial court, an Oregon Supreme Court case from the 1920s appeared to agree that a trucking company could avoid liability in these circumstances.  With that case law behind them,  one of the trucking companies long refused any talk of settlement, thinking that it would be immune from liability, no matter how negligent the company and its driver.

Insurance Company’s Unfair Offer Rejected by Arbitrator

by Travis Eiva on June 15th 2012

Oregon may be the only state in the country where you do not have any power to hold your own auto insurance company accountable for unfairly evaluating the value of your claim.   What does that mean?  Here’s an example.As we all know, bad driving happens.  A careless driver may crash into your car while you are driving down the road.  Maybe you or your loved one is severely injured, resulting in enormous medical bills and loss of the ability to earn a living for some time.

New Oregon Laws Affecting Seniors and Children

by Lara Johnson on May 30th 2012

The Oregon Legislature moved forward in its session last February to create common sense protections against harms unique to elders and children.


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