Catastrophic Injury

Shelley Durrant: Accident Leads to Medical Emergency and Amputation

  It was bad enough that Shelley Durrant lost both of her arms in a farm-machinery accident. But to have her right leg amputated because of medical negligence at the hospital was beyond comprehension. Improper Medical Monitoring Results in Additional Severe Injuries Shelley was rushed to the hospital following her accident where a catheter was […]

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Janos Tivadar: Spinal Injury Case Goes Beyond the Courtroom to Help Others

  Janos Tivadar became paralyzed from the chest down as the result of hospital negligence following an automobile accident. Part of the settlement he received went to Project Walk, a nonprofit organization committed to helping people with spinal cord injuries. Failure to Follow Procedures Leads to Permanent Injuries After surviving a motor vehicle head-on collision, […]

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Truck-Auto Collision: Blindness

  A semi rig was southbound on the Interstate 5 freeway in southern Lane County, Oregon early one morning. A local man had just driven his Toyota Celica onto the freeway and was going north on his way to work in Eugene. The southbound tractor-trailer lost control, plowed through the median, crossed over into the […]

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Power Line Contact: Electric Burn Injuries

This case involved a Central Oregon worker who received severe, permanent electrical burn injuries to his head and elsewhere as a result of an inadvertent contact with a power line that was dangerously close to the building that they were preparing to paint.

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