Insurance Disputes

Health Insurer Refuses to Pay for Surgery; Confidential Settlement

  An Oregon woman had several potentially life-threatening health problems associated with morbid obesity. After years of unsuccessfully trying diets and various weight loss programs, her physicians recommended a surgical procedure to cause her to lose weight. They did so because of the health risks she faced and because no other treatment had been or […]

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Refuses to Pay for Woman’s Brain Injury Treatment

  A local woman was sitting in the driver’s seat of her family Toyota Sequoia, stopped for a red light at an intersection near the University of Oregon campus. She was rear-ended by a Cadillac driven by an underinsured motorist. It was a modest speed impact, but she immediately started to experience headaches. The headaches […]

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5 Tips to Getting Your Insurance Payout

Insurance companies use a “3-D” strategy when responding to claims. They delay, deny, and defend in order to avoid paying out money. These five tips can help you “play the game” with your insurance company and get your claim settled the right way. 1. Inform your attorney about your medical history, including injuries, addictions, ailments […]

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