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Danger of Pesticides to Children in Homes and Schools

Pesticides have become the first choice for many people when they see spiders, mice or insects. Even when properly applied, pesticides can still affect people. Asthma and other respiratory problems related to pesticides are increasing. Pesticides can end up in our lakes and rivers, killing the fish and polluting the water. Of special concern are […]

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Defective Pharmaceutical Drugs: Death

Don Corson represented the family of a forty-five year old woman who had no history of heart disease but who died suddenly and unexpectedly from cardiac arrhythmia. The Medical Examiner determined that the cause of her death was a toxic build-up of a medication. The case against the drug company was mediated through the federal […]

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Defective Generic Pharmaceutical Medication

Too often, a prescription medication is made into a generic version without updating information about adverse reactions. We represented a teenager who had a severe, life-threatening adverse reaction to a generic broad-spectrum antibiotic, minocycline, which had been prescribed for her acne. The manufacturer of the generic drug knew of problems with the medication that were […]

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