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Catastrophic InjuriesThe Law and You is a community service provided by The Corson & Johnson Law Firm to help people better understand the law and enable them to ask questions they might have about civil law (criminal law is a whole other field). Have a question about a case, or the law in general? Submit it online.

Insurance Disputes

bullet Insurance Disputes

bullet Damaged Motor Vehicle

bullet Reimbursement Obligations

bullet Small Claims Court

bullet Health Insurance Blues


Catastrophic Injury

bullet Water Safety Regulations

bullet Crash Notification

bullet Brain Injury Prevention

bullet Propane Gas Tank

bullet Brain Injuries


Truck and Vehicle Injury

bullet Truck Collision Causes Blindness

bullet New Hours of Service for Drivers

bullet Motorcycle Safety

bullet 18 Wheelers

bullet What to Do After an Auto Accident


Civil Justice System

bullet Cases Create a Safer World

bullet Finding Recourse

bullet Frivilous Lawsuits

bullet Punitive Damages

bullet Jury Service


Children’s Issues

bullet Child Abuse Reporting

bullet Personal Injury Claims for Children

bullet Pesticide Use In Playgrounds

Senior Issues

bullet No Excuse for Elder Abuse

bullet Elder Abuse Reporting

bullet Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect


How the Law Works

The more insight we can provide into the workings of the system, the better prepared our clients are for the challenges of the legal process that will face them. VIEW

Choosing the Right Attorney For Your Case

A personal injury attorney will then be able to help you to determine if you have a case and what will be needed to win. VIEW

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

Beware of television, radio, internet and Yellow Page ads that overpromise the results an attorney can deliver. VIEW

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers

Neglect and abuse of nursing home residents is all too common. In Oregon, there is a backlog of 1200 complaints against nursing homes. VIEW

What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Insurance companies deny claims because they bet that the injured person will take what is offered and walk away for fear that, if they don’t accept it, they will get nothing at all. VIEW




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