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The Corson & Johnson Law Firm successfully represents people with major claims involving wrongful death and catastrophic injuries (such as brain injury, paralysis, disfigurement and disability).

Eugene catastrophic injury attorneys and law firm

Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury results in an extremely serious and long-lasting medical condition, permanent disability and, sometimes, shortened life expectancy.

Eugene Oregon insurance disputes lawyers and law firm

Insurance Disputes

Personal injury cases are intended to make the injured party whole again, which means covering medical expenses, lost income and damage to the survivor’s life.

Eugene Nursing Home Negligence attorneys lawyers and law firm

Nursing Home Negligence

Our parents, grandparents, and any senior citizen deserves the very best of care when they cannot care for themselves.

Eugene auto and vehicle truck accidents attorneys lawyers and law firm

Trucking & Vehicle Injuries

Few collisions are pure accidents; most have causes that can be traced to problems ranging from inattentive driving to a hidden design defect.

Eugene Unsafe Products attorneys lawyers and law firm

Unsafe Products

Unfortunately, it takes injuries, or sometimes even deaths, before manufacturers are forced to remove their products from the market. These unsafe products can still be found in our homes, offices and childcare centers.

Eugene Workplace Injuries attorneys lawyers and law firm

Workplace Injuries

When a workplace has poor safety standards and procedures, faulty equipment, or careless management, injuries are more likely.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Deaths and serious injuries are always tragic, but when they are caused by the negligence of another, the far-reaching results can be catastrophic.

Don’t Let Important Evidence Be Lost

When a person suffers a serious personal injury, time is of the essence. Important evidence may be lost that can make the difference in winning your case or losing your rights. Frequently, employers, neighbors, friends, or insurance agents offer well intentioned, but inexperienced, even wrong, advice.

Recovering Lost Wages, Medical Expenses, and Other Losses

When we take a case, we start preparing the evidence as if it will go to trial and include both actual (known as compensatory) damages and sometimes punitive damages. Punitive usually includes a larger sum and is meant to punish the defendant for outrageous, malicious, willful or reckless misconduct and deter others from doing the same. Our reputation as successful trial attorneys often helps resolve cases through mediation or settlement.

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