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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death attorneys lawyer and law firmWrongful death generally means a corporation or another person is responsible for an untimely death–whether the death was caused by a workplace tragedy, a car or truck crash or a medical error. When this happens, the survivors are usually too upset to understand the full impact the loss of a loved one will have. Often times they don’t know where to turn. The first place should be a law firm that has extensive experience in wrongful death cases.

The death of a loved one is always tragic, but when it is caused by negligence, the loss can be truly devastating. In the case of a wrongful death, the family members – victim’s surviving spouse, children, beneficiaries or dependents – will bring the lawsuit.

The attorneys at The Corson & Johnson Law Firm have helped families recover financial compensation to cope with:

  • medical bills
  • funeral expenses
  • lost wages
  • loss of companionship
  • sorrow and grief

Although the financial toll is great, more than anything else, most families want to make sure that no one else suffers the same fate as their loved one. The compassionate personal injury attorneys at The Corson & Johnson Law Firm share this goal. We strive to hold responsible parties accountable and have even worked to put new laws in place to protect Oregon citizens from untimely deaths.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Help Families

Families devastated by a wrongful death may not realize their legal options before the timeframe to file a lawsuit has passed. Many families don’t understand the purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit and how proper compensation can ease the stress and financial burden that accompanies the untimely death of a family member.

Establishing Responsibility

Lawsuits may be brought for either an intentional or unintentional act that causes an injury that results in death. Determining who is responsible can be difficult. The main offender might be easily identified, but there are sometimes other, less obvious parties whose conduct played a role.

The wrongful death attorneys at The Corson & Johnson Law Firm are skilled at investigating the facts of a case and learning the identities of the responsible parties. This information is crucial when determining fault and obtaining adequate financial compensation for the family.

Wrongful Death Case Studies

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