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This segment of The Law and You features Eugene, Oregon personal injury trial lawyer Don Corson describing how some trucking companies try to rely on antiquated laws to avoid responsibility to catastrophic highway accidents.

Following is the actual radio broadcast audio (in playable mp3 format) and the script from this broadcast of The Law and You.

Topic: Representing Truckers Against Negligent Trucking Companies (The Law and You Final Script- Eugene, OR, 2012)

Joel: This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney Don Corson. Don, I understand you recently had an unusual accident case involving three 18- wheelers.

Don: Joel, the case involved a three-truck collision on Interstate 84.  All three trucking companies were negligent: Two were driving too fast, and the third didn’t yield to other vehicles on the highway. We represented a young truck driver who was a passenger in one of the trucks and he was severely injured. One trucking company said they were not responsible for his injuries no matter how negligent they were because of a 1920s Oregon Court ruling. How could a company have immunity when its 80,000-pound truck lost control on a public highway and hurt others? Our research proved they were at fault, and we won the case for our client.

Joel: Thanks, Don. For more information about laws affecting trucks driving on our highways, visit the Law Firm of Corson & Johnson at CorsonJohnsonLaw.com. The Law and You is a community service and does not replace the advice of an attorney.

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