10 Worst Children’s Toys in 2018

10 Worst Toys 2018
For the past 40 years, World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) has researched and compiled a list that included the cute ones, the cuddly ones, and the ones with obvious deadly traps. With the holiday buying season in full swing, please avoid these toys and watch for others with the same hazards.

A Child is Treated in an Emergency Room Every Three Minutes for a Toy-Related Injury

Some of the classic safety hazards that continue to reappear year after year include:

  1. Small parts and strings that could be choking hazards
  2. Projectiles and rigid materials that could cause injuries
  3. Toxic substances that could lead to poisoning

Most of the dangerous toys have inaccurate warnings and labels indicating the appropriate age for children to play with them. And sometimes items that made the list in years past continue to be manufactured by the toy industry, often in newly designed packaging.

An Estimated 3.5 million Toy Units Recently Recalled

According to W.A.T.C.H., “The recurrence of many known hazards in toys in the past year is clearly suggestive of a broken system that needs fixing before more children are harmed. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in the most current compiled data, reports there were 28 toy recalls in the fiscal year 2017. In the recent 22-month period between January 2017 and October 2018, an estimated 3.5 million units of toys were recalled in the U.S. and Canada.”

Despite hazards and recalls, some of these toys still find their way to online sales, used toy stores or, even worse, are dumped on foreign markets.

We have long been advocates for safer products for children. Bottom line for gift givers is to not expect that a toy has sufficient checks and balances to prevent the dangerous ones from reaching store shelves or e-commerce sites. Even toys that pass existing safety standards can be dangerous.

Here’s the list for 2018 “Worst Toys.” For a full description, go the W.A.T.C.H. website.


Nickelodeon Nella Princess Knight Pillow Pets Sleeptime Lites

HAZARD: Potential for Ingestion and battery-related injuries!
Price: $19.99
Manufacturer or Distributor: CJ Products, Inc.
Retailer(s): Target, Target.com, Express.Google.com
Age Recommendation: 0+


Nerf Vortex Vtx Praxis Blaster

HAZARD: Potential for eye injuries!
Price: $34.99
Manufacturer or Distributor: Hasbro; Nerf.com
Retailer(s): Target, Target.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Ebay.com, Bonanza.com
Age Recommendation: 8+


Marvel Black Panther Slash Claw

HAZARD: Potential for eye and facial injuries!
Price: $9.99Manufacturer or Distributor: Hasbro
Retailer(s): Target, Target.com, Kohls, Kohls.com, Walmart, Walmart.com, Amazon.com, HasbroToyShop.com
Age Recommendation: 5+


Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Superstar Blade

HAZARD: Potential for blunt force and eye injuries!
Price: $29.99
Manufacturer or Distributor: Bandai America Incorporated
Retailer(s): Target, Target.com, Ebay.com, Walmart.com, Amazon.com, Bonanza.com, Express.Google.com
Age Recommendation: 4+


Cabbage Patch Kids Dance Time Doll

HAZARD: Potential for choking injuries!
Price: $14.99
Manufacturer or Distributor: Wicked Cool Toys LLC
Retailer(s): Target, Target.com, CabbagePatchKids.com, Bonanza.com, Blinq.com
Age Recommendation: 2+


Zoo Jamz Xylophone

HAZARD: Potential for ingestion and choking injuries!
Price: $14.96
Manufacturer or Distributor: Vtech Electronics North America, L.L.C.
Retailer(s): Walmart, Walmart.com, Amazon.com, Vtechkids.com, Target.com, Buybuybaby.com, Bedbathandbeyond.com, Zulily.com
Age Recommendation: 1½–4 Years


Nici Wonderland Doll: Miniclara The Ballerina

HAZARD: Potential for choking injuries!
Price: $24.99
Manufacturer or Distributor: NICI
Retailer(s): Amazon.com, Neat-oh.com, Walmart.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Henry Bear’s Park
Age Recommendation: 2+


Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket

HAZARD: Potential for eye, face and other impact injuries!
Price: $19.99
Manufacturer or Distributor: D & L Company
Retailer(s): Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Stomprocket.com, Magic Beans
Age Recommendation: Ages 6 and Up


Cutting Fruit

HAZARD: Potential for puncture and blunt force injuries!
Price: $39.99
Manufacturer or Distributor: Kid O Toys Retailer(s): Walmart.com, Ebay.com, Magic Beans, Mbeans.com, Liltulips.com, niniandlolli.com, Buyforbabies.com, Giftuniversal.com
Age Recommendation: 2+


Chien Á Promener Pull Along Dog

HAZARD: Potential for entanglement and strangulation injuries!
Price: $14.99
Manufacturer or Distributor: Janod; Juratoys Retailer(s): Amazon.com, Magic Beans, Mbeans.com
Age Recommendation: 12-36 mo