18-Wheeler Accident Cases

18-Wheeler Accidents Eugene, OregonUnsafe trucks and 18-wheelers have lead to serious preventable accidents, often costing life-long damage to our clients. If you think you have a 18-wheeler accident case, contact us right away.

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18-Wheeler Improper Loading Results in the Death of Commercial Truck Driver

A Nevada family lost its loved family member, Gregory, when a tractor-trailer rig lost its cargo of hay bales on Highway 58 here in Oregon. Gregory was a commercial truck driver. The hay bales crashed into the cab of Gregory’s truck and killed him. READ MORE

Larry Woody: Truck Accident Results in Permanent Blindness

What started as an ordinary drive for Larry Woody resulted in a catastrophic injury that would affect him for the rest of his life. Larry was driving on I-5 when he spotted a tractor-trailer rig moving at top speed, crossing the median and coming right at him. READ MORE

Multiple Truck Collision: Wrongful Death of Child

One night in southern Douglas County, Oregon, thick smoke filled a long valley through which the Interstate 5 freeway travels. A nine year-old girl was in the back seat of her mother’s car, stopped behind a flatbed truck that had also stopped because of the smoke. Two big trucking rigs, one a gasoline tanker, barreled down the freeway through what both truck drivers estimated to be about a mile of smoke. The gasoline tanker smashed into the back of the family car, sending it into the fast lane and the guardrail. The second tractor-trailer then ran over the family car. The little girl died in the collisions. The case settled after extensive litigation for $475,000.

Representing Truckers Against Negligent Trucking Companies

We settled a trucking collision case in which our client suffered serious injuries to his right leg. The survivor was a passenger in a trucking rig that was involved in a three truck collision on icy roads in eastern Oregon. All three trucking companies were negligent, two in driving too fast for conditions without traction chains, and the third in not yielding to other vehicles on the highway. READ MORE

Truck-Auto Collision: Wrongful Death

A ten-year-old child was riding home with the grandmother and aunt in a car traveling west on Highway 34 in rural Linn County, Oregon. A commercial tractor-trailer loaded with pipe was coming around the curve from the opposite direction. The 18-wheeler lost control, went over the centerline, and slid into the family car head-on. Don Corson prosecuted a wrongful death claim for the surviving family members, which was settled before trial for $550,000.

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Truck Collision Causes Blindness

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