18-Wheeler Truck Collisions Need Thorough Investigation

Truck Collisions

The Law and You

This segment of The Law and You addresses truck collision cases. These are often complicated cases that involve not only the driver but the driver’s employer and even the equipment manufacturer.


JOEL: This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney Don Corson. Don, here’s a question from a listener about accidents caused by 18 wheelers.

DON: You would be surprised at how many of these collisions are caused by violations of the extensive Oregon and Federal laws that cover these large trucks. When someone is hurt in a truck collision, an attorney must explore many legal issues. For example, the truck driver may have broken a regulation about how the cargo was being carried, or how long they have driven without a break. The company that hired the driver may also be responsible. Many operators of big rig trucks are improperly trained, have dangerous medical conditions, or have unacceptable driving records. Also, the truck itself may not have been properly maintained.

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