2019 Oregon Legislature Regular Session

Pending Senate Bills

Your voice matters! Read more about active senate bills below, and help make Oregon safe for everyone.

[SCR 25] Legislative Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence.

Pledges to work toward creating an Oregon that is safe for all by denoting funds and other types of support to survivors of sexual violence.  CONTINUE READING

[HB 2083] Funding for Transportation Projects

Directs State Parks and Recreation Department to work in cooperation with Department of Transportation to allocate State Lottery revenue to bicycle and pedestrian projects. CONTINUE READING

[HB 2236] Slow Farm Vehicles on Highways

Allows tractors and other low-speed farm vehicles to operate on state highways that have speed limit or posted speed of more than 35 miles per hour. CONTINUE READING

[HB 2314] Motorbikes in Traffic Slowdowns

Allows the operator of a motorcycle or moped to travel between lanes of traffic under certain conditions. CONTINUE READING

[HB 2545] Mandatory Headlight Use

Requires use of headlights when windshield wipers are on or there is fog. CONTINUE READING

[HB 2702] Portland Highway Speed Authority

Authorizes the City of Portland to designate speed on highways city has jurisdiction of as road authority. CONTINUE READING

[SB 397] East Oregon Highway Speed Authority

Allows Department of Transportation to establish lower designated speed on state highway outside of city limits in low-population counties in eastern Oregon without engineering and traffic investigation under certain circumstances. CONTINUE READING

[SB 528] Firefighter Memorial Signs

Directs Department of Transportation to erect and maintain roadside memorial signs for firefighters killed in line of duty. CONTINUE READING

[SB 558] Highway Speed Jurisdiction

Authorizes city to designate speed for highway under city’s jurisdiction that is five miles per hour lower than statutory speed when highway is located in residence district and highway is not arterial highway. CONTINUE READING

[SB 559] Traffic Camera Authority

Expands authority to operate fixed photo radar systems in high crash corridors to all cities. CONTINUE READING

[SB 560] Photo Radar for Traffic

Authorizes all cities to elect and to operate photo radar if city pays costs of operating photo radar. CONTINUE READING