Amazon Just Got Some Really Bad News About Banned Products on Its Site

Amazon Bad News

Its Response Says a Lot About the Company

A new report says the world’s largest e-commerce store has a problem keeping banned products off its site.

By Jason Aten | Writer and business coach | Inc.

Amazon just got some bad news. The Wall Street Journal reported today an investigation found that over 4,000 products listed on Amazon are actually banned, mislabeled, or not allowed for sale in the United States. Many of these were products, including toys and safety gear like helmets, for example, were deemed unsafe for children.

If your company’s brand is that it’s the place to go to buy just about everything, the last thing you want is for consumers to think you can’t be trusted.

As bad as that news was, the bigger story wasn’t the products themselves but the ways Amazon handles its listings. The Wall Street Journal headline said Amazon had “ceded control” of its store, and the report claimed the company operated more like a “flea market,” failing to adhere to its own policies.