Attorney Reviews

We welcome referrals and associations on wrongful death and serious personal injury cases. A significant number of our clients are from other lawyers who have referred multiple cases to us over the years. We will work hard and do our best to make you proud of the referral. Our goal is to have a satisfied client and a satisfied referring attorney. Because of the limited nature of our civil litigation practice, we do not seek any attorney-client relationship beyond the successful resolution of a client’s case.

If you have any questions about a client or a potential case, please feel free to call (541-484-2525) or email and discuss the matter with us. If desired, attorney fees are shared to the full extent allowed by the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct.

What Other Lawyers Say

Zealous advocacy. Respectful client interactions. Proven results. These concepts come instantly to mind when considering referrals to the Corson and Johnson Law Firm. Unlike many Plaintiff’s firms, the Corson and Johnson Law Firm invests substantial time and effort up front in thoughtful evaluation of a case before they agree to undertake representation. From the start, clients come to expect they can trust the advice they are given and are assured of consistent, quality representation through resolution. In a recent referral of a severe accident resulting in life threatening and, ultimately, life changing injuries to both clients, the Corson and Johnson Law Firm obtained a result that put the client’s lives back together. The application of uncommon intellectual rigor, persistent effort, and spot on case evaluation yielded a settlement that fairly compensated the clients and made me look like a hero for the referral.”

–Kelly R. Beckley, Eugene attorney, Beckley & Bons, P.C.

“I care about my clients, and always worry when I must send a client to another lawyer. I don’t have those worries when I refer a personal injury client to Don, because I know my client will get the best care and treatment that can be given for the litigation and trial process. Referring a personal injury case to Don is the easy solution because I’m confident he’ll do a great job.”

–Paul Sumner, Madras, Oregon, Oregon attorney since 1978

“Personal injury is a field that requires a lot of specialized medical knowledge. Don does an excellent job, and I will continue to refer personal injury cases to him. Clients have told me that they have been impressed with his willingness to come to the hospital, keep them informed, and promptly do all of the follow-up that’s needed. He’s upfront with me and with the clients, and I feel comfortable working with him.”

–James C. Farrell, Roseburg, Oregon (retired)

“I have known Don for over sixteen years. We’ve associated together on a number of cases, and have shared legal analyses and tactics on complex medical and product liability matters. Don has the unusual combination of talents required of an outstanding trial lawyer. He has strong technical legal proficiency; sees the big picture; marshals the facts exceptionally well; has good relations with engineers, physicians, and other experts; and communicates well with clients and juries. In addition, he has the tenacity to see a difficult case through to the end. I’ve seen him follow through successfully on a tough case, even when it took many years of work, huge outlays for costs, and when the case had to be tried twice and fought on appeal. In my opinion, the reputation Don has established over the years is well-deserved.”

–Sam Hall, Portland, Oregon, Oregon attorney since 1976

“I am now in my 30th year as a lawyer. I have referred many personal injury cases to Don. I have a successful law practice, but the largest fee by far I have ever received was a referral fee from a significant case that I sent to Don. I trust him because I know that my clients will be treated with respect, that Don will give their cases his best shot, and that he will have their best interests at heart.”

–Michael P. Kearney (retired Oregon attorney)