Log Truck Case

Trial proves log truck fault for motorcyclist’s injuries: $561,467 jury verdict

Don Corson successfully represented a twenty-one year old Eugene man who suffered multiple, severe orthopedic injuries when he was riding his motorcycle to work.  As he was heading north, a car was heading south. The driver of the car needed to turn left to go to his own job.  Between the car and motorcyclist was a loaded log truck that was illegally parked in the center turn-only lane.

Neither the motorcyclist nor the car driver could see the other because of how the log truck in the middle of the road blocked both of their views.  The car driver turned left, and suddenly was in the lane of the oncoming motorcyclist. The two collided because neither could see the other until it was too late.  

The driver of the car settled for his insurance policy limits. After a week-long trial, the jury found that the log truck company’s negligence was also a substantial cause of the motorcyclist’s injuries, and assessed his harms and losses at $561,467.85.

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