Larry’s  Case

Truck Crash Causes Total Blindness

What started as an ordinary drive to work for Larry Woody resulted in a catastrophic injury that would affect him for the rest of his life. Larry was driving on I-5 when he spotted a tractor-trailer rig moving at top speed, crossing the median and coming right at him. Larry was a mechanic and an amateur race car driver, and his quick response saved his life.  Although he did his best to reduce the severity of the impact, the crash resulted in Larry Woody becoming permanently blind.

Once Larry got home from the hospital, he got in touch with Don Corson, who took on his case. During his investigation, Don and his team learned that not only was the driver of the truck driving while drowsy, one of the leading causes of truck collisions, they discovered that the trucking company’s insurance was inadequate.  The insurance broker for the trucking company had obtained less insurance coverage than the trucking company had requested.

We represented Larry in a case against the trucking company responsible for the rig that caused Larry’s catastrophic injury.  The first phase of the case involved prosecuting a claim against the trucking company and its driver, which settled for the amount of the company’s insurance policy limits.

But those insurance limits were inadequate because the insurance broker had failed to obtain the full coverage that the trucking company had requested.  In the second phase of the case, we brought a case against the trucking company’s insurance broker. That case was taken to the Oregon Court of Appeals, where we prevailed.

After the successful appellate case, we were able to obtain a settlement that more fully covered Larry’s losses.  Larry went on to own and operate an auto repair shop, and became a mentor to some and source of inspiration to many because he refused to let his injuries prevent him from living his life.

After these cases, the trucking company re-evaluated its insurance policies, so that all of its operations would be properly insured in the event of another preventable tragedy.

Larry Woody’s Review:

“Don Corson came highly recommended to us.  We were at a loss after my husband was hit by a semi truck. He is honest, thorough and there for what his client’s need. He went above and beyond for us.  He did research and got information from other professionals to help our case. We were glad to have him on our case. I would highly recommend him and his team.”

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