The Painful Side of Getting Your Head in the Game

By Lara Johnson Concussions and brain injuries have been a hot topic in professional and college sports lately with the majority of attention focused on the dangers suffered by the men who play football. Let’s just focus on college athletics. If you had to guess, which college athletes do you think have the highest rates […]

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When is an Insurance Company Acting in Bad Faith, or Simply Being Difficult?

By Don Corson Insurance, when done properly, serves an important social function: risks are spread among the many, and each individual is protected from risks that he or she otherwise could not personally afford. But insurance, when done improperly, can needlessly expose a policyholder to the very risks of liability that insurance should protect against. […]

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Takata Expands Largest Automotive Recall in U.S. History

Via: NPR, All Things Considered Takata recalled an additional 3.3 million airbags this month, expanding what is already the largest automotive recall in U.S. history. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says additional airbags are scheduled to be recalled through 2020. The biggest auto recall in history is not over yet. In fact, it’s not […]

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7 New Oregon Vehicle Laws Effective January 1, 2018

No M Endorsements for 3-Wheelers, “Move Over” Law, and No Reporting Damages Under $2,500 If you’re one of over 3 million licensed drivers living in Oregon, you may need to add “change my driving habits” to your New Year’s resolutions. The 2017 Oregon Legislature last spring passed a variety of new laws (as well as […]

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