Car Collisions

Harsher Penalties for Distracted Drivers in Oregon

We’ve handled many distracted driving cases, with each one just as frustrating as the last. Usually the culprit is a driver using their cell phone, texting, checking social media, or even a drunk driver not paying attention to the task at hand. These instances have resulted in serious injuries and death for loved ones in […]

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School Bus Crash Leads to Student Injuries

A bus transportation corporation heavily litigated our case where the bus driver crashed into the back of a small car on a level, open stretch of road, resulting in serious injuries to a fourteen year old girl. Most of our office worked on the girl’s case for about six years until we reached a successful result.

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School Bus Crash Cases

Earlier in 2014, we were working on three school bus crash cases. One of those settled for a confidential amount, and two are ongoing. In the settled case, the company that provided the school buses and drivers hired a driver who was known to have multiple health problems, including sleep apnea and psychological disorders

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