Catastrophic Injury

Farm Equipment Accident: Tractor Defect Causes Brain Injury

A 19-year-old employee of a Lane County grass seed farm was part of a team bringing in the grass seed crop, using specialized tractors that cut the grass and pushed it through augers to form windrows. A co-worker, whose machine became jammed, had placed an unplugging wrench on the machine before the 19 year old was sent over to help get that tractor running again.

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Jenna’s Law Helps Prevent Permanent Brain Injury

As parents and former coaches for our children’s sports teams, Don Corson and I know the importance of safety on the field. If your child plays sports, you know that kids can get hurt. Injuries like bruised shins or twisted ankles are painful but they heal and don’t stop kids from returning to their normal activities in time.

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