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Tort Tips–May 2019

Download PDF The Horton saga continues: Vasquez v. Double Press Mfg., Inc., 364 Or 609 (2019) By Lisa Hunt In Vasquez v. Double Press Mfg., Inc., 364 Or 609 (2019), the Oregon Supreme Court affirmed not imposing the ORS 31.710 cap on noneconomic damages. However, the reasoning likely reopens the post-Horton question of whether imposing […]

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Tort Tips: Compensation • Wage Statutes • Writ of Mandamus

Download PDF Civil Justice is Much More Than Compensation By Don Corson There is a commonly held but narrow and deeply flawed view that the civil justice system is solely about providing compensation to those who are harmed by wrongful conduct. In fact, compensating survivors and victims is but one important function of the civil […]

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When Multiple Drivers Cause Pedestrian Death

Collisions between automobiles and pedestrians may involve more than one negligent driver. For example, a pedestrian crossing the street could be hit by multiple vehicles in rapid succession, making it difficult to determine the injuries caused by each. Oregon law provides that each negligent driver is liable when his or her conduct was a substantial […]

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School Bus Crash Leads to Student Injuries

A bus transportation corporation heavily litigated our case where the bus driver crashed into the back of a small car on a level, open stretch of road, resulting in serious injuries to a fourteen year old girl. Most of our office worked on the girl’s case for about six years until we reached a successful result.

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