VA’s Misdiagnosis Results in a Lifetime of Pain for Marine Veteran

When Americans vow to protect our country in the Armed Forces, we recognize that commitment by vowing to protect them once they return home as Veterans. When that protection lapses, the consequences can have devastating effects on Veterans who rely on the services they have earned. This was the tragic reality for Jacob*, a Marine […]

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Don Corson Named Lawyer of the Year

What appears to be a tragic accident can sometimes actually be caused by a defective product. Many people don’t realize that there may be a product liability case that can help improve safety for others. Don Corson finds out when a product defect is to blame, and has sought justice for the survivors of incidents […]

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Bus Video Helps Resolve Intersection Collision Case

A University of Oregon student was seriously injured when the driver of another car ran a red light at an intersection. The other car crashed into the students’ car, which caused it to spin around and hit a third vehicle. The student sustained a concussion, injuries to her neck and back, and severe injuries to […]

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Southern Oregon Motorcyclist Injuries — Seeing Is Believing

A young driver with a new provisional license was driving at night toward a mini-market in Grants Pass. Coming in the opposite direction was a motorcyclist, his headlight on, heading home. The young driver hesitated, then suddenly turned directly in front of the motorcycle, hitting him head-on. The motorcyclist was thrown over the hood and […]

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