Tort Tips–May 2019

Download PDF The Horton saga continues: Vasquez v. Double Press Mfg., Inc., 364 Or 609 (2019) By Lisa Hunt In Vasquez v. Double Press Mfg., Inc., 364 Or 609 (2019), the Oregon Supreme Court affirmed not imposing the ORS 31.710 cap on noneconomic damages. However, the reasoning likely reopens the post-Horton question of whether imposing […]

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2019 Oregon Legislature Regular Session

Pending Transportation Bills Your voice matters! Read more about active transportation bills below, and help make Oregon transportation safe for everyone. [HB 2083] Funding for Transportation Projects Directs State Parks and Recreation Department to work in cooperation with Department of Transportation to allocate State Lottery revenue to bicycle and pedestrian projects. CONTINUE READING [HB 2236] Slow […]

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Civil Justice is Much More Than Compensation

There is a commonly held but narrow and deeply flawed view that the civil justice system is solely about providing compensation to those who are harmed by wrongful conduct. In fact, compensating survivors and victims is but one important function of the civil justice system. It’s worth reflecting a moment on some of the other […]

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Questions About Voting In Oregon Elections

Over these past 20 years, Oregon voters have mailed in their ballots for all elections. There is no standing in lines to vote. The system has meant more and easier access to the ballot, higher voter turnout, and improved election security. Oregon is the first state in the nation to have a vote-by-mail system. The […]

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