Understanding the Legal Process

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

Simply stated, the law is divided into two major areas: Criminal and Civil. Criminal cases involve government prosecution of individuals charged with illegal conduct, such as robbery or murder. Civil cases are those dealing with family law, corporate law and civil actions brought by one individual against another person or against a corporation. Personal injury […]

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Impact of Local Laws on Dog Attacks

Children injured by dogs sometimes have little recourse against a dog owner. Ordinarily, the child’s representative would need to prove that the owner was negligent in allowing the dog to bite. Some local governments, however, have laws regarding liability for dogs that bite while off-leash on another person’s property.

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Defendant Dies During Litigation

A defendant may pass away after a complaint is filed. If there is no probate otherwise opened, the plaintiff may need to petition the probate court to open an estate for the deceased defendant to allow the case to continue. We recently created an estate proceeding for a deceased defendant while we represented a local […]

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Be Careful What You (Don’t) Ask For: Jury Instructions

The Oregon Court of Appeals recently issued its opinion in Lenn v. Baldwin, 269 Or App 189 (2015). Lenn is a legal negligence case, but it is more generally a cautionary tale about requested jury instructions. In Lenn, the plaintiffs alleged that their attorney in a real property dispute was negligent. The focus of the […]

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