Workplace Injuries

Power Line Contact: Electric Burn Injuries

This case involved a Central Oregon worker who received severe, permanent electrical burn injuries to his head and elsewhere as a result of an inadvertent contact with a power line that was dangerously close to the building that they were preparing to paint.

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Permanent Injuries From Defective Mill Equipment

After an injured worker’s first attorney died, we were asked to continue the prosecution of a case for a log truck driver who was injured by a defective “wrapper rack” at an Oregon wood products mill. A wrapper rack is intended to protect drivers from injury from falling logs during the process of unloading log trucks.

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Construction Accident Causes Paralysis

Don Corson was the lead liability lawyer on the successful prosecution of multiple cases arising out of the collapse of a large metal canopy at a manufacturing plant that was under construction. Injuries ranged from severe orthopedic injuries to paralysis.

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