Giving Back to Our Communities

Communities are only as strong as the support they receive from the people who live in them. The people at Corson & Johnson Law make ongoing contributions to our communities both through the firm and through  individual outreach.

Oregon Law Students Public Interest Fund

“OLSPIF” is a nonprofit student group that raises money to support law students working over the summer in unpaid public interest positions.  In a time when fewer paid summer legal jobs are available to law students,  OLSPIF-funded work has become an important option for students.  In 2019, OLSPIF helped support 15 law students in doing public interest work.  This year, Corson & Johnson funded a full scholarship.  Lara Johnson helped to start the law student public interest fund at her law school when she was a law student, and Brandon Moore is a board member of the Oregon Law Students Public Interest Fund.

Bike Helmet Donations Put Safety Within Reach

The number one safety feature of any bicycle is on the rider’s head: the helmet. But good bike helmets can be financially out of reach for some families. The Brain Bucket Brigade is a program we started to provide bike helmets for kids who might otherwise not have access to this critical safety gear. We also work to educate parents and kids on the topic of helmet safety through our Brain Bucket Brigade pamphlet and videos.

We work with Bicycle Way of Life in Eugene to give bike helmets to kids and ensure that each one has the proper fit. A special thank you to Bicycle Way of Life for all their help! If you would like to have a Brain Bucket Brigade Helmet Giveaway at your school, please email us.

Direction Service—Families of Children with Disabilities

The non-profit organization, Direction Service, is a one-stop source for information and assistance on programs for families of children with disabilities. It has helped people with special needs, and their families, live their lives to the fullest since 1976. This program stabilizes, strengthens, and empowers families, helping them put the pieces together so they can be safe, secure and successful. Lara Johnson served on the Board of Directors for years, and is the organization’s immediate past President.

NCSS—Reducing Risk of Sports-Related Concussions

After a serious impact and possible concussion, student athletes are sometimes urged to get back into the game without proper evaluation. But  research that shows how serious concussions of all levels can be, combined with improved laws, is eliminating that practice. In conjunction with the National Center for Sports Safety (NCSS), we have sponsored training for coaches to help them identify concussions and respond safely. To learn more about the symptoms and prevention of sports-related brain injuries, please read through the Centers for Disease Control’s Athlete Fact Sheet, Parent’s Fact Sheet, and our Sports Injury Prevention Playbook.

CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocates

CASA—Powerful Voice For Abused And Neglected Children

One of our favorite causes is Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), which provides a powerful voice for abused and neglected children. About a thousand Lane County children live in foster care. In an overburdened system, these children risk slipping through the cracks and suffering from further abuse. CASA volunteers have the power to help prevent further tragedies. They speak for the child in the courtroom, representing the child’s best interests, and work to move the child as quickly and effectively as possible through the system and into a safe, permanent home.

McKenzie River Life Jacket Lending Program

Life Jacket Lending Program

The simple practice of wearing a life jacket while on the river saves lives. Corson & Johnson supports the McKenzie River Life Jacket Lending Program, which offers life jackets to children and adults who would otherwise be without one for the day. The Life Jacket Lending Program is simple: you pick up a life jacket, leave your name, and return it at the end of the day. This program, organized by McKenzie Fire and Rescue, promotes water safety and Personal Flotation Device (PFD) use in the spring and summer, when McKenzie River use is at its highest.