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“On August 10th, 2003, just four days after my 28th birthday, my life was permanently altered by a reckless and violent, drug-induced, drunk driver who crashed head-on and into my car. Everyone in the vehicle was injured, with my injuries being the most severe. I suffered a complete spinal cord injury, which changed everything in my life in an instant. Nearly 17 years later, I remain paralyzed from the chest down, and on that day, I not only lost my ability to walk but my ability to do the field engineer work I once loved so much.

In these unpredictable and devastating moments in life, it is essential to surround yourself with people you can trust. My physical rehabilitation was a long road, and as if that wasn’t hard enough, I also had to figure out how I was going to support myself financially. As someone who worked in a physically demanding job, with a lot of international travel, I had no idea how to move forward with my life or what I would be capable of achieving in the future.

I can honestly say, I feel so fortunate to have had the legal guidance of Don Corson. Don not only professionally represented me, but he was relentless in settling an agreement that would help assist me financially. He put his heart and soul into helping me achieve the best outcome and, in many ways, offered tremendous emotional support that went way beyond his call to a legal duty. My reliance upon him, both professionally and emotionally, should not be understated. With his expertise, I was able to receive a financial settlement for my lifelong medical bills as well as a path forward to make a living and successfully support myself. Don is not only a brilliant lawyer; he is honest and trustworthy and committed to doing the best for his clients, even in the most challenging circumstances. With Don at the helm, you will not only have the most capable legal guidance but someone who cares about your overall well-being. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Janos Tivadar

Eugene, Oregon

“The attorneys at The Corson and Johnson Law Firm did an excellent job in my case. In October 2008, I was severely injured in a farm machinery accident. I received further permanent injuries in the hospital as a result of the negligence of the medical personnel involved in my care.

Everyone in your office was very kind, caring, and considerate and went above and beyond to ensure they did everything in their power to ensure the best outcome in my case. I truly appreciate all that you’ve done to help me through such a difficult time in my life.”

Shelley Durant

Monroe, Oregon

“Don Corson was strongly recommended to me by a lawyer who practices on the opposite side of the bar and who had appeared opposite of him at trial. Don was able to settle my serious personal injury case prior to trial. This involved negotiations with the trucking company’s litigation insurer, my automobile insurance company, and multiple health insurance companies.

This was the first time I had dealt with any legal issues. If I had any questions or concerns, Don would get on the phone immediately and answer my questions. On a couple of occasions, he drove down to my home to visit with me. In this and in many other ways, I felt he truly cared about me.”

Larry Woody

Cottage Grove, Oregon

Ryan Jaspeson

Eugene, Oregon

Betty Keefer

Eugene, Oregon

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“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to both Don Corson and Lara Johnson. I greatly appreciate the respect and care afforded me following a serious auto accident in July 2007. From the very beginning, I was impressed with the firm’s personal attention and commitment to integrity. Don drove all the way to Portland to meet with me – on a Saturday no less. I was immediately taken with his depth of care, knowledge, and practical advice. I soon met and continued to work with Lara Johnson. Lara combined her keen mind and expertise with affirming conversation, guidance, and personal compassion. She is quick, smart, and responsive; she handled my case with the utmost integrity and grace. Lara has the ability to cut through the red tape often encountered, and was appreciatively frank and proactive. Lara has my highest recommendation not only because she is so good at what she does in her work, but because she adds a very human touch to what can be complex and frustrating matters. My experience with Lara and Don was especially meaningful for me because it is not often in a business relationship that one feels truly cared about on a personal level. The world needs more attorneys like Lara and Don – they embody everything the legal profession strives to be.”
– Kathe Monroe, Portland, OR

“I was injured several years ago in a mill accident near Grants Pass. Unfortunately, the doctors who treated me after the accident made several mistakes, leaving me partially paralyzed for the rest of my life. Don Corson took my case to trial and the jury awarded me the largest medial negligence or personal injury verdict in the county’s history. In representing me, Don was honest about the strengths and weakness of my case and thorough in his preparation for it. At the trial, he was well-prepared and quick on his feet. I was very impressed with him, as were the numerous court employees who came in to watch him in trial. I would absolutely recommend him to my friends and family.”

– John Miltenberger, Grants Pass, OR

Car & Motorcycle Collision Injuries

“Not very many people can say that they love their lawyer, but I can! I am very thankful I found Don, and that he took my case. Don is a remarkably cheerful, positive, warm person, whose optimism buoyed my spirits during tough times. I really felt Don was in my corner fighting for me; and that although he was kind to me personally, I discovered that he is a very smart and strong opponent legally. Don is a remarkable combination of integrity, strength and smart with a compassionate heart. I could not have been more fortunate to have found Don; he earned my trust, respect, and appreciation. I wholeheartedly recommend Don Corson and his staff to you as an advocate.”

– Denise Steele, Eugene, OR

“Don represented me on a premises liability claim, and later, on a motorcycle collision case. We developed a relationship that was not only businesslike, but also truly friendly. He instilled in me confidence in his ability, and I never questioned his judgment. Don was honest and straightforward in his recommendations. Even though I was uncomfortable wit the judicial system, he made me feel confident, and comfortable enough to respond to the litigation issues as they arose. I never had a better experience working with someone as I had working with Don and his staff.”
– Gordon Cabral, Eugene, OR

“You were honest and straight with your communication. You conveyed sincerity and follow-up well closing communication loops. You are honorable people who are trustworthy and competent. You are all top notch and top luck to all.”
– Jess F., Salem, OR

Unsafe Products

“I had an awesome experience with Don Corson in my case, which is an odd thing to say as I would not wish a lawsuit on anyone. I was terribly injured (multiple head and facial fractures) when my seat belt failed to work properly in a medium speed collision. My daughter was 14 months old at the time. Fortunately, a local attorney in St. Helens recommended a Eugene firm in which Don worked. I really enjoyed working with Don. He was aware of the emotional side of head injuries and litigation and helped me feel prepared. He also insulated me from worrying about all the strategic decisions and the ups and downs of litigation. He spoke to me in terms I could understand. I continue to feel support from Don and his firm as if they were my extended family.”

– Susan Dunn, Deer Island, OR


Wrongful Death

“Don Corson represented me several years ago. He responded to my questions quickly and explained the whole process as to what would take place during the lawsuit in order to ease my tensions and fears. He was extremely easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and made the whole process as smooth as it could be. I would highly recommend him to anyone, as he is one of the most professional, honest, and caring individuals I have had the pleasure to know. Knowledge, integrity, and professionalism are a must in a lawyer and Don Corson is all of them without a doubt.”
– Bev RatheLeGurche, Sublimity, OR



“My beautiful healthy 45 year old wife, Mary, died suddenly in her sleep due to a fatal prescription drug combination. Mary’s physician had prescribed an antihistamine and an antibiotic, a lethal combination, warned against by both pharmaceutical companies and physician drug references. I researched and interviewed attorneys statewide before choosing the excellent firm of Johnson, Clifton, Larson and Corson. Don Corson was a firm partner prior to forming his new firm, The Corson & Johnson Law Firm. Don was the lead attorney in my case, backed by a very professional support group. Choosing an attorney in a medical malpractice case is a very important endeavor, because you will be challenged by the medical malpractice insurance industry whose resources will most likely exceed yours… choose wisely… choose the best! Don Corson in my opinion is a consummate trial attorney in case preparation and courtroom presence. Remember, the attorney you choose will be your teammate. Don Corson has the compassionate, caring human side that will make you a valuable member of that team. Don did an outstanding job of explaining a complicated case to the jury. The Lane County jury returned a substantial verdict in our favor. If you are a victim of serious injury or wrongful death, the justice of a monetary jury award may be vital to your future, but the justice of documenting a legal record of accountability will remain forever and provide spiritual healing. My beautiful wife Mary is gone, but the light of justice allows Mary’s legacy in the public record to protect others. I can offer you both an intellectual and heartfelt unqualified “yes” in recommending Don Corson as an attorney of compassion and unusual excellence.”
– Jerry Sagen, Eugene, OR

Other Disputes

“We appreciate all the hard work you did to help us on this seven-figure trust dispute. Don, you took on this highly contentious case and handled it through trial in a diligent, professional way, and were very enjoyable to work with even under the stressful situation that we had. Thank you so much for helping us and getting a good outcome for us and all the trust beneficiaries.”
– Linda Van Duren, La Pine, OR



“Others refused my difficult case with its aggressive opposition, but Don Corson took the case because, he said simply, ‘It is right.’ Rarely does one experience such a gifted, brilliant individual such as Don, who combines a vast and expert legal knowledge with grace and compassion. He was in front and on top of the situation from the start, constantly demonstrating excellence. In court he was MAGNIFICENT! Working with Don Corson was one of the best experiences of my entire life.”
– Arlene Harouff, Salem, OR

Attorney Reviews

We welcome referrals and associations on wrongful death and serious personal injury cases. A significant number of our clients are from other lawyers who have referred multiple cases to us over the years. We will work hard and do our best to make you proud of the referral. Our goal is to have a satisfied client and a satisfied referring attorney. Because of the limited nature of our civil litigation practice, we do not seek any attorney-client relationship beyond the successful resolution of a client’s case.

If you have any questions about a client or a potential case, please feel free to call (541-484-2525) or email and discuss the matter with us. If desired, attorney fees are shared to the full extent allowed by the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct.

What Other Lawyers Say

Kelly R. Beckley, Eugene attorney, Beckley & Bons, P.C.

Zealous advocacy. Respectful client interactions. Proven results.

These concepts come instantly to mind when considering referrals to the Corson and Johnson Law Firm. Unlike many Plaintiff’s firms, the Corson and Johnson Law Firm invests substantial time and effort up front in thoughtful evaluation of a case before they agree to undertake representation. From the start, clients come to expect they can trust the advice they are given and are assured of consistent, quality representation through resolution. In a recent referral of a severe accident resulting in life threatening and, ultimately, life changing injuries to both clients, the Corson and Johnson Law Firm obtained a result that put the client’s lives back together. The application of uncommon intellectual rigor, persistent effort, and spot on case evaluation yielded a settlement that fairly compensated the clients and made me look like a hero for the referral.

Kelly R. Beckley, Eugene attorney, Beckley & Bons, P.C.
Paul Sumner, Madras, Oregon, Oregon attorney since 1978

I care about my clients, and always worry when I must send a client to another lawyer. I don’t have those worries when I refer a personal injury client to Don, because I know my client will get the best care and treatment that can be given for the litigation and trial process. Referring a personal injury case to Don is the easy solution because I’m confident he’ll do a great job.

Paul Sumner, Madras, Oregon, Oregon attorney since 1978

James C. Farrell, Roseburg, Oregon (retired)

Personal injury is a field that requires a lot of specialized medical knowledge. Don does an excellent job, and I will continue to refer personal injury cases to him. Clients have told me that they have been impressed with his willingness to come to the hospital, keep them informed, and promptly do all of the follow-up that’s needed. He’s upfront with me and with the clients, and I feel comfortable working with him.

James C. Farrell, Roseburg, Oregon (retired)

Sam Hall, Portland, Oregon, Oregon attorney since 1976

I have known Don for over sixteen years. We’ve associated together on a number of cases, and have shared legal analyses and tactics on complex medical and product liability matters. Don has the unusual combination of talents required of an outstanding trial lawyer. He has strong technical legal proficiency; sees the big picture; marshals the facts exceptionally well; has good relations with engineers, physicians, and other experts; and communicates well with clients and juries. In addition, he has the tenacity to see a difficult case through to the end. I’ve seen him follow through successfully on a tough case, even when it took many years of work, huge outlays for costs, and when the case had to be tried twice and fought on appeal. In my opinion, the reputation Don has established over the years is well-deserved.

Sam Hall, Portland, Oregon, Oregon attorney since 1976

Michael P. Kearney (retired Oregon attorney)

I am now in my 30th year as a lawyer. I have referred many personal injury cases to Don. I have a successful law practice, but the largest fee by far I have ever received was a referral fee from a significant case that I sent to Don. I trust him because I know that my clients will be treated with respect, that Don will give their cases his best shot, and that he will have their best interests at heart.

Michael P. Kearney (retired Oregon attorney)

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