Defective Child Car Restraint Seat: Quadriplegia

Don Corson represented a three-year old Central Oregon girl who was restrained in a booster-style child car seat in the back seat of her family’s car. An oncoming car lost control on the volcanic grit left by the highway maintenance trucks, crossed the centerline, and struck the family’s car nearly head-on. The child suffered a terrible injury to the spinal cord near the top of her neck, causing her to be permanently paralyzed below the head. The booster style car seat lacked straps or other means of restraining a child’s upper body, allowing the head to be thrown forward forcefully during a collision, while the lower body is restrained. This combination can tend to pull or snap the spinal cord just below the base of the head. The adverse driver settled for her liability insurance policy limits. The case against the child car seat manufacturer resolved under a confidential arrangement.