Don Corson Named Lawyer of the Year

Lawnmower Blind Spots

What appears to be a tragic accident can sometimes actually be caused by a defective product. Many people don’t realize that there may be a product liability case that can help improve safety for others. Don Corson finds out when a product defect is to blame, and has sought justice for the survivors of incidents that resulted from these defects. That’s why he has consistently been recognized for these types of cases, and why his peers have elected him Best Lawyers® Lawyer of the Year, Product Liability Litigation-Plaintiffs for 2020. If you’ve experienced an injury while using a product or vehicle, it’s important to get expert legal advice so you can know and exercise your rights.

Read about two cases in which Don represented survivors of tragic defective product incidents, and how he was able to help bring them the justice they deserve for the losses they suffered as a result of defective design:

Dangerous Lawnmower Design Amputates Toddler’s Leg

Isabelle was only two years old when she was seriously injured by a Deere riding lawnmower that her father was operating. Who was responsible for this tragic event in this little girl’s life? The manufacturer blamed her father, but this incident was just one of many, as riding lawn mowers are the leading cause of child amputation injuries in the country. Most of the incidents resulted from the same critical design flaw, which the manufacturer had known about for decades. Read the full story.

Tractor With Missing $3 Part Causes Permanent Brain Injury

Augustine, then 19 years old, was cutting his employer’s grass seed crop when his co-worker’s specialized tractor jammed. He used a wrench to try to unjam the machine before their supervisor came over to help. The supervisor, not knowing about the wrench that was still attached, started the vehicle. That propelled the heavy tool into the 19-year-old’s head, causing severe brain damage and triplegia. It was later discovered that negligent design had left out a small, inexpensive part that would have spared the teen from the immense suffering and disability he will now endure for the rest of his life. Read the full story.