Serious Injuries Need Top Legal Expertise to Win

You are looking for a personal injury attorney because something very wrong has happened to you or someone you care about. An incident that caused serious injuries. An accident that should not have happened and you are suffering the results of it. Bottom line: you need legal help, counsel, and compassion.  We want to hear about what happened, answer your questions, and listen to your concerns. More importantly, to understand what is it going to take to put lives back together after a serious injury or loss.

Don Corson and Lara Johnson have handled many hundreds of personal injury cases. Our goals are always the same:

  1. Justice and compensation for the people we represent;
  2. Reduce the risks that negligence, defective products, and unsafe working conditions will injure other individuals and harm their families.

A victory in a personal injury case is often a victory for public safety and the good of the community.

Injuries From Car Crashes to Defective Products

The Corson & Johnson Law Firm’s experienced trial lawyers work within the judicial system to bring about results for our clients and bring changes that will protect others. We bring a compassion for survivors and their families, while aggressively pursuing compensation and accountability from the responsible party.

There is no charge for an initial case consultation. Personal injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis: no attorney fees are charged unless there is a recovery in the case.

The attorneys of the Corson & Johnson Law Firm have received numerous professional honors and awards from respected state and national organizations and publications. Our firm and its lawyers are deeply-rooted in and committed to Oregon and an effective and ethical system of justice.

Don Corson Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

Don Corson Contact Don

Don represents people injured or killed by defective products, industrial and utility accidents, medical negligence, trucking and other major vehicle collisions, and other catastrophic incidents. READ FULL BIO

Lara Johnson Oregon Elder Care Attorney

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Lara represents people with personal injury claims, including serious motor vehicle collisions, nursing home neglect and abuse, and breach of insurance contracts. READ FULL BIO

Don Corson Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

Brandon Moore Contact Brandon

Brandon Moore represents people who have been injured by car, truck, and bicycle collisions; in industrial accidents; and by nursing home neglect and abuse. Brandon is motivated by his desire to help people who have suffered from wrongdoing and advocate for them in a court of law. READ FULL BIO

Beatrice Grace Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

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Before becoming an attorney, Beatrice was a Registered Nurse. She worked for over twenty years in hospital Emergency Departments, caring for people on the worst days of their lives. Beatrice brings a deep understanding of nursing, medicine, and healthcare culture to every case. As a long-time patient advocate, she is comfortable speaking with medical and nursing experts and deciphering medical records. Beatrice uses her knowledge of healthcare to help her clients with their legal battles. READ FULL BIO