Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuit

“When we pay insurance premiums, we have every right to expect that our insurance company will take care of us. The insurance company led our client, Cornel Tuter —its policy holder—through 7 years of hell. The jury had the facts, saw through the insurance company’s excuses, and penalized the company with large punitive damages. This unique legal battle underscores Oregon’s weak laws to protect policyholders for most kinds of insurance.  I especially liked  consumer advocate Angela Martin’s comment in the Willamette Weekly article below that “…shoes are covered by the Unfair Trade Practices Act, but home, auto and life insurance are not.” Don Corson

A lengthy legal battle against an insurance company underscores Oregon’s weak laws to protect consumers.

Willamette Weekly 17th, 2015 by Nigel Jaquiss 

Willamette Weekly logoCornel Tuter knows the charming green GEICO gecko all too well.

The creature is ubiquitous, one of the most easily recognizable characters on the planet. It should be: GEICO Insurance spends an estimated $1 billion a year on advertising, in large part to make people feel warm and fuzzy about a reptile with an English accent.

But Tuter, 67, a retired U.S. Bureau of Land Management employee from Roseburg, found out the hard way that relying on a lizard can be a big mistake.

“I wasn’t getting what I paid for,” Tuter says. “I expected to be covered, and I wasn’t.”

In his lawsuit, Tuter claimed in court that the insurance giant looked out for its own interests instead of his after he was in a car accident in 2007.

Last month, a Multnomah County jury agreed with Tuter and hit GEICO with a $17.5 million judgment, one of the biggest in recent state history.

“GEICO gets paid premiums, and for that, it promised to defend Mr. Tuter if something went wrong,” says Don Corson, Tuter’s attorney. “Instead, they put him through seven years of hell.”  Read More