Insurance Red Tape: How Betty Won

This segment of The Law and You features attorney Lara Johnson telling of a case where a client’s insurance company suggested that she sue her friend after being in an auto accident.


JOEL: This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney Lara Johnson. Lara, most of us have had to file an insurance claim at least once in our lives. But there are some times when the red tape can overwhelm us.

LARA: That’s right, Joel. I think, for example, of our client Betty who was riding in her friend’s car when he turned suddenly in front of an oncoming truck. Both of them were seriously injured. Betty was surprised to learn that she should contact her own insurance company, who told her to hire an attorney and make a claim against her friend. She was uncomfortable with suing her friends. She eventually contacted a lawyer who referred her to us. We helped her get through the red tape and to understand that she would actually be compensated by her friend’s insurance company. In situations like Betty’s, you need an experience legal advocate to get a fair settlement.

JOEL: Thanks, Lara. You can watch a video of Betty’s story at The Law and You is a part of Corson & Johnson’s work to Make Communities Safer.​

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