Most Jurors Find the Experience Worthwhile

This segment of The Law and You features personal injury trial lawyer Don Corson talking about jury service.


JOEL: This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney Don Corson. Don, we all know that juries are important, but we often want to find a way out of serving.

DON: Joel, your comment about the importance of juries goes back hundreds of years. Thomas Jefferson said he considered trial by jury to be the only anchor by which a government can be held to the principles of its Constitution. Juries are the bedrock of our third branch of government. And, the most direct way most of us participate in democratic decision making. The irony is that although many people fear jury service, most people who have served found the experience worthwhile. In many Oregon counties, citizens called to jury duty either do just one trial or if they’re not chosen are dismissed after that one day, until the next time. Jury service is now easier than ever.

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