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Communities are only as strong as the support they receive from the people who live in them. The people at Corson & Johnson Law make ongoing contributions to our communities both through the firm and through  individual outreach.


Oregon Law Students Public Interest Fund

“OLSPIF” is a nonprofit student group that raises money to support law students working over the summer in unpaid public interest positions.  In a time when fewer paid summer legal jobs are available to law students,  OLSPIF-funded work has become an important option for students.  In 2019, OLSPIF helped support 15 law students in doing public interest work.  A long-time supporter of OLSPIF, in 2020 Corson & Johnson funded a full scholarship.  Lara Johnson helped to start the law student public interest fund at her law school when she was a law student, and Brandon Moore is a board member of the Oregon Law Students Public Interest Fund.




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