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We work to bring justice to riders injured in motorcycle accidents. If you think you have a motorcycle injury case, contact us right away.

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Log Truck Liability for Motorcyclist’s Injuries

Don Corson successfully represented a twenty-one year old Eugene man who suffered multiple, severe orthopedic injuries when he was riding to work.  His motorcycle was struck by a turning car. Neither driver could see the other until it was too late to avoid the collision because their views were blocked by a loaded log truck, which was illegally parked in the center turn-only lane. The driver of the car settled for his insurance policy limits. After a week-long trial, the jury found that the trucking company’s negligence was also a substantial cause of the motorcyclist’s injuries, and assessed his harms and losses at $561,467.85.

Wrongful Death: Gravel Truck Hits Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist Kevin Peschel was killed by a gravel truck that suddenly turned in front of him. One of the issues in the case involved visibility at the location of the crash, which happened at the crest of a small hill that impaired the view of many drivers. READ MORE

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Keeping Riders and Drivers Safe on the Road

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Motorcycle Defects Sometimes a Factor in Accidents

This segment of The Law and You features personal injury trial lawyer Don Corson discussing the rising incidence of serious injuries and fatalities among motorcyclists. PLAY PODCAST