National Consumer Product Safety Law

The Law and You

This segment of The Law and You features personal injury trial lawyer Lara Johnson discussing the new national consumer product safety law.


JOEL: This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney, Lara Johnson. Lara, with the new federal product safety act, some people are concerned that the standards are not high enough and others think that they are too strict.

LARA: Joel, 45 million toys and children’s products were recalled in 2007, mostly for unsafe chemical levels. The Consumer Product Safety Act is the first step to restrict the use of lead, arsenic, phthalates and other chemicals in manufacturing any product. Too strict? Or maybe not enough. Why did manufacturers ever allow these hazardous chemicals to be used in our products at all? A bigger problem is that many of these products are still on store shelves and in our homes. To help identify products that may contain lead, a free lead testing kit is available through our website,

JOEL: Thanks, Lara. To learn more about the new safety standards, or to get your free lead testing kit, visit the Law Firm of Corson & Johnson at The Law and You is a community service and does not replace the advice of an attorney.

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