Oregon’s New Child Passenger Seat Laws

A new child passenger law in Oregon recently went into effect, requiring children 2 and under to sit in rear facing seats. We wanted to share this story to spread the word.

Oregon’s new child car-seat rules have repercussions

BEND, Ore. – Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages 1 through 12, officials say.

But it’s hoped that a new Oregon law which went into effect in May will change that.

In 2015, nearly 200 kids younger than 8 were injured on Oregon roads because they weren’t using the child restraints required by law, officials say.

But the law can often be confusing, and the car seats difficult to install, end Fire Battalion Chief Dave Howe said Wednesday.

“Eighty to 90 percent of all seats are installed improperly, he said. “That doesn’t mean they’re all going to throw the kids out into the car, but it does mean that they may not withstand the impact forces of a motor vehicle accident.”

And for those certified in car seat installation, it’s easy to spot. One paramedic said he sees car seats installed incorrectly every time he drives around off-duty.

To reduce deaths and injuries, drivers can get a ticket for an incorrect car seat installation or having no car seat at all.

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