Oregon Legislature 2020

New Oregon Laws

Your voice matters! Read more about bill that have now been signed into law, thanks to the support of the Oregon Legislature, and the voices of people like you!

[SB 998] Regulates the use of bicycles in some intersections.

This law permits a person operating a bicycle to simply slow, but not stop, at a stop sign or flashing red light controlled intersection. Riders must still yield to vehicles and pedestrians, but can proceed through the intersection, or turn once they deem it safe.  CONTINUE READING

[SB 810] Modifies definition of “vulnerable user of a public way”.

A “vulnerable user of a public way” now includes pedestrians,highway workers, people riding animals or people operating, or riding on a farm tractor, skateboard, roller skates, in-line skates, scooter, bicycle, moped, or motorcycle.  CONTINUE READING

[HB 3008] Requirements for personal injury claims.

In order to settle a personal injury or wrongful death claim in the event of a fatal injury, you must now seek approval by probate court.  CONTINUE READING

[HB 2682] Defines bike lanes in intersections.

This law clarifies that bike lanes exist in intersections if the lane is marked on opposite sides on intersection in the same direction of travel. CONTINUE READING