Personal Injury Cases Bring Change and Help Others

This segment of The Law and You explores how personal injury cases often not only bring justice to the injured person but also prompt changes that help others avoid the same pain and suffering.


JOEL: This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney Don Corson. Sometimes it seems that only one person is helped by a personal injury case.

DON: Most people don’t think about how court cases help make them safer. Many cases for one person or family end up helping thousands or millions of people: Unsafe products being taken off the market, policies improved, services made safer.

JOEL: Could you give us an example of how a case went beyond the courtroom?

DON: Examples range from the automatic backup beepers on heavy equipment to protect nearby pedestrians, to garage door openers that should stop instead of crushing small children, as used to happen.  In my own career, I’ve worked on cases where I’ve seen the design of defective RV fuel systems improved, unsafe power lines get marked or moved, safety and rescue equipment added and training being given to employees to prevent future injuries.

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