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We practice personal injury law so that we can help create safer communities by stopping the cycle of harm caused by negligence. We help hold individuals and corporations accountable for their wrongful conduct so that others don’t have to suffer the consequences.

Many who come to us have one burning desire: to help make sure that what was done to them is not done to another person or family.  They need compensation, but they also want justice, and they want to help others. A successful case can not only mean the difference between a humane life instead of a bleak existence, but it can sometimes also make a difference for the safety of others.  We need safety rules enforced so that we and our families will be protected from unnecessary harm.

Because we live in a democracy, it is juries that help protect our communities and make us safer by enforcing safety rules.  Both the United States and the Oregon constitutions guarantee the right to a jury trial in a civil case. Juries cannot be lobbied or bought off; they are the independent safeguard of our rights and our liberties.

The time after a loss is stressful and difficult.  An injured person, or the family of someone who has been wrongfully killed, needs compassion, legal expertise, and an effective advocate: someone who is willing to fight for what is fair and right, someone who is looking out for you and your family.

Injuries strike the young and the old, the poor and the well-to-do; none of us is immune from the risks created by those who break society’s safety rules.  We have represented millworkers, truck drivers, police officers, judges, doctors, students, court staff, legislators, mechanics, homemakers, young children, professors, government employees, contractors, office workers, motorcycle club members, senior citizens, farm and ranch workers, engineers, business people, musicians, athletes, nursing home residents, and many hundreds of other Oregonians from all walks of life.  Everyone who is hurt because safety rules are violated deserves to have someone in their corner who understands and will fight for what is fair and right. 

Most cases settle, and almost anyone can settle a case.  The question is: can they obtain a fair and just settlement? Defendants and their insurance companies don’t pay because they feel good doing it or out of a sense of charity.  They pay because they are afraid that if they do not, the outcome might be worse for them. That can only happen if they are taken to trial and a jury requires them to pay more.  A law firm’s skill, experience, and willingness to try a case for an injured person can make a huge difference in the amount of a settlement. One of the key questions any injured person should ask before retaining an attorney is about that attorney’s actual experience trying personal injury and wrongful death cases.

There is no substitute for trial ability and experience.   A trial attorney must be willing to devote the time and resources to the injured person’s case to see it through to the end.  That sometimes requires thousands of hours of work over many years. Attorneys who can do that are recognized by other attorneys and by judges.  We are proud of the fact that other attorneys and out of state law firms ask us to help their clients. We are proud of our standing in the legal community.  We are thankful for the people who have put their trust in us to help them and their families in some of the most difficult times in their lives. We deeply respect that trust, and do our very best to honor it.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the work we do, people we have represented, and cases we have prosecuted, including some of our trials.  We respect our clients’ privacy, so many case examples do not disclose the identity of the person we helped, and often the financial results are confidential or private.  Sometimes people wonder why a particular verdict is so high. The short answer is that high verdicts reflect horrendous human harms and losses. Every person we have represented would have been happier if they could have their health and their life back, instead of getting a verdict. Please always keep in mind that each case is unique, and the results of one person’s case do not predict how another person’s case will work out.

Client Testimonials

Crystal Bebb
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Thank you for all the help you gave our family! We couldn’t have won without your knowledge and resources. Your team fought hard for what our Daughter deserved. I would hands down recommend this law firm. Friendly, Compassionate and Knowledgeable.

Roxanne Howse

“From Canada, I had the unfortunate circumstance of being rear ended on the I-5 while touring Universities for my son. Not knowing anything about law in the USA my husband was trying to research lawyers in Oregon. We ended up contacting Don Corson and I knew from our first conversation that he had a genuine concern and compassion for my well being and that I was going to be in good hands. Through our case, Don was always there to answer any questions I had day or night, I never had to wait to hear back from him. Don was honest and forthcoming and kept us updated as our case progressed. I cannot thank Don and his team enough for all they did for me, he made me feel like family, and I would highly recommend him and his team, I was extremely fortunate to have him in my corner. ” Roxanne Howse from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Deborah Green

“I can’t say enough about Lara Johnson and her team. I felt so supported after my car accident. She was able to ensure that my medical and other related costs would be paid in full, and the team took care of dealing with all the insurance companies so that I didn’t have to. I feel as though this group of attorneys really listens; they understood the extent of my injuries and were able to help sort through all the red tape to ensure that I was able to get the help and care that I needed.”

Carl Davaz

“I never had a need for legal counsel before becoming the victim of a catastrophic accident. Through the recommendation of a friend, I met Don Corson and from the beginning of our relationship I found relief knowing that the circumstances of my situation would be represented with care and compassion. We first met in a hospital room where he listened to my story and prescribed a course of action that helped me navigate many unknowns. I relied on his insight and judgment, along with the professionalism of the entire Corson and Johnson staff. I’m comforted by all Don has done for me. I’ll always appreciate his friendship.”

Mark Francis

“I am a past client. Unfortunately someone T-Boned me and caused injuries to myself and totaled my vehicle. My personal attorney recommended Corson and Johnson. I am glad they did! Lara accepted my case and worked tooth and nail to help me through a difficult time of lost revenue and injuries. If you are looking for an ethical, hard working firm then look no further.👍👍”

Corky Franklin

“The Corson & Johnson Law Firm handled my case with professionalism and the all important personal touch — every step of the way. It was priceless to be able to turn over the responsibility for calling medical and insurance providers – they handled everything in such a way that I never stressed about the outcome of my case or monetary issues. I’d highly recommend.”

Alex Har

“Don Corson was kind and professional. He and the office team were all supportive and worked to make my experience as easy and painless as possible. I had zero legal knowledge and had no clue how things worked. Don help me navigate the complexities of the legal system and even went out of his way to help with a college project. Would highly recommend!”


“Corson and Johnson took extremely good care of me. Lara Johnson was my attorney and I do not have enough good things to say about her and her team. I felt heard, supported, and just when I thought there was no hope, there she was. No one knows your pain and that is hard to share sometimes when you’re going through it. She never made me feel judged. She communicated with me just the right amount. She checked in as she needed and I knew that her and her team were working on my case even when they were in contact. Every time I spoke with her,I was impressed. If I could give Corson and Johnson and specifically Lara higher than a 5-star rating, I would. I hope to never have to use an accident attorney again, but if I did I would call Corson and Johnson in a heartbeat. They were phenomenal!”

Deb G.

“Lara Johnson and her team are wonderful. They were on top of my case every moment and explained everything to me step by step. I felt heard and understood. I knew they had my best interest at heart. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Thank you. Thank you. “

Melinda R.

” I would highly recommend the Corson and Johnson Law Firm. I selected them to represent myself based on a recommendation from a friend. They are very kind, smart, and capable. They communicated the stages of my case to me appropriately and were very gracious in answering any questions I had. I was pleased with the resolution of my case and should I need representation again I will be using this firm.”


“Corson and Johnson exceeded my expectations of a personal injury lawyer. Lara was very thorough throughout the case and successfully worked towards a fair settlement.”

Lisa M.

“Prior to my son’s accident we had never had to deal with any legal issues and knew very little about how to obtain a lawyer or what the legal process would look like. Thankfully we were referred to The Corson & Johnson Law Firm. Don is great at explaining the processes and next steps in great detail. Not to mention his patience and willingness to answer my questions and explain the process and procedures over and over again over the years.”

Gordon Cabral
Eugene, OR

“Don represented me on a premises liability claim, and later, on a motorcycle collision case. We developed a relationship that was not only businesslike, but also truly friendly. He instilled in me confidence in his ability, and I never questioned his judgment. Don was honest and straightforward in his recommendations. Even though I was uncomfortable wit the judicial system, he made me feel confident, and comfortable enough to respond to the litigation issues as they arose. I never had a better experience working with someone as I had working with Don and his staff.”


“I was referred to Don after I was injured in an accident. Don explained his process and made me feel like I knew what to expect. I was treated like a friend by his entire team and would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a great injury attorney.”

Mindy W.

“I have referred my injured clients to Don Corson for over 25 years. He and his colleagues analyze each case thoroughly and go the distance to trial if settlement is on the table. My clients have all thanked me for the personal injury referrals to Don. Everyone is treated seriously and with respect.”

Shawn M.

“Corson and Johnson law firm is the best! I have had their help on two cases and received the best possible outcomes I could’ve asked for! They are very professional, respectful and diligent. Corson and Johnson also care about their clients and always do their best to make their clients life happier and easier through out the process of the case! They even cut some of their fees to give me a bigger settlement! If you’re looking for a law firm to represent you, they are the ones for sure! -Mr. And Mrs. Monarrez”

TJ Hein

“Mr. Corson gave me great advice. We do not live in the same area, but he contacted me and explained my best options. I am grateful for his opinion and time.”


“We hired Don in 2002 as my husband’s car was hit by a semi truck on I-5. He was left permanently blind by the accident. Don was highly recommended to us from another attorney. We were so glad he took our case. He was very upfront, honest, fair and thorough. He did extra research and got assistance from others to help our case. He treated us, and still does treat us, like a friend. He was not a high pressure attorney, like a lot of others who tried contacting us after the wreck. He was there for us.”

Philip L.

“I was extremely pleased with the work they did for me with my personal injury suit. The results were better than expected. I was always kept “in the loop.” If you need a compassionate, hard working law firm to help you with your legal needs, look no further.”

Arlene Harouff
Salem, OR

“Others refused my difficult case with its aggressive opposition, but Don Corson took the case because, he said simply, ‘It is right.’ Rarely does one experience such a gifted, brilliant individual such as Don, who combines a vast and expert legal knowledge with grace and compassion. He was in front and on top of the situation from the start, constantly demonstrating excellence. In court he was MAGNIFICENT! Working with Don Corson was one of the best experiences of my entire life.”

Jess F.
Salem, OR

“You were honest and straight with your communication. You conveyed sincerity and follow-up well closing communication loops. You are honorable people who are trustworthy and competent. You are all top notch and top luck to all.”


“Lara Johnson is very warm hearten and professional. I got both quality and efficient results as well as fast and friendly service. I would be a client again if ever needed. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Paul Sumner
Madras, Oregon, Oregon attorney since 1978

I care about my clients, and always worry when I must send a client to another lawyer. I don’t have those worries when I refer a personal injury client to Don, because I know my client will get the best care and treatment that can be given for the litigation and trial process. Referring a personal injury case to Don is the easy solution because I’m confident he’ll do a great job.

Sam Hall
Portland, Oregon attorney since 1976

I have known Don for over sixteen years. We’ve associated together on a number of cases, and have shared legal analyses and tactics on complex medical and product liability matters. Don has the unusual combination of talents required of an outstanding trial lawyer. He has strong technical legal proficiency; sees the big picture; marshals the facts exceptionally well; has good relations with engineers, physicians, and other experts; and communicates well with clients and juries. In addition, he has the tenacity to see a difficult case through to the end. I’ve seen him follow through successfully on a tough case, even when it took many years of work, huge outlays for costs, and when the case had to be tried twice and fought on appeal. In my opinion, the reputation Don has established over the years is well-deserved.


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