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The civil justice system aims to help those who have been wrongfully harmed, and to encourage people and corporations to follow the safety rules intended to keep everyone in the community safe. People who have been injured because of the irresponsible conduct of another can often recover monetary compensation for their medical bills and other expenses. In addition, in most cases financial help may also be available for physical pain, disability, mental suffering, and other human harms and losses. The information below is intended to help non-lawyers understand personal injury law as well as help them get an idea as to what to expect if they have a legal claim. Personal injury law can be complicated, and each case is unique, so the information here should not be used in lieu of advice provided by a qualified  personal injury lawyer.

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To answer some of your initial questions about personal injury and wrongful death legal matters, please feel free to look at our The Law and You interviews, video library, and our personal injury law blog. 

Personal Injury Law Blog

Our personal injury  law blog features regular articles on everything from legal news, representation, cases that bring change, and our law firm services.

Video Library

View our collection of personal injury videos that help share some of our clients’ cases and to discover more about The Corson & Johnson Law Firm.

The Law and You

We produced and distributed a series of short interviews called The Law and You as a public service to help families and consumers answer questions about our legal system and how it works for them.

The Help Book

White Bird Clinic’s Human Services Resource Guide

White Bird Clinic has published a human services resource guide called the “Help Book” since the 1980’s. It contains a comprehensive listing of resources of people seeking health and housing resources, financial assistance, shelter, food pantries and meal sites, and help to meet other basic needs. It helps people navigate the system.

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