School Bus Crash Cases

Earlier in 2014, we were working on three school bus crash cases. Multiple people, including passengers in the school bus, were injured when the bus crashed into the back of a car occupied by a family. We represented two young women in the back of the family’s car and one school bus passenger. As of 2017, each of those cases has resolved.

The company that provided the school buses hired a driver who was known to have multiple health problems, including sleep apnea and psychological disorders, and was known to use various prescription drugs. On the day of the collision, the school bus driver drifted off the road at times. Later that morning on a level stretch of road in daylight, the driver crashed into the back of a white Honda Accord that had its brake lights and blinker on.

A 16-year-old girl was sitting in the back of the Honda when the bus hit. The force of the crash crushed the back of the Honda all of the way up into the passenger compartment, essentially obliterating the rear third of the car. The girl’s head and face were subjected to forces that broke most of the bones of her face. She was life-flighted to Portland for emergency trauma services. Her saga of surgeries and medical procedures still continues, with more to come in the future.

The defendant bus transportation corporation, which claims to be the world’s largest surface transportation company, litigated the case heavily. Most of our office worked on the girl’s case for about three and a half years, devoting thousands of hours of time.

Lara Johnson notes, “these cases were hard fought, with every step involving push back from the other side. The work was necessary to help put a family’s life back together and to provide resources for them to obtain necessary medical care going forward.”

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