UO Student Severely Injured After Being Assaulted by Bar Staff

On July 16, 2016, a University of Oregon (UO) student from another country was at Taylor’s Bar and Grill, enjoying the evening along with many other UO students. Another foreign student got into a conversation with him, which may have been misunderstood by the bar staff because of the language barrier. At approximately 2:00 a.m., the UO student was pushed toward the front door and a Taylor’s employee put the student in a chokehold until he lost consciousness. Two more Taylor’s employees then dragged the student outside.

When the student regained consciousness, he was in a pool of his own blood, bleeding from severe face and jaw injuries. A bystander helped the student get to a hospital emergency room. The severity of the student’s injuries required him to be transferred to a trauma hospital in Portland for complicated surgeries.

The bar’s security cameras show a number of bystanders who may have been witnesses to the incident. The student is seeking more information about exactly what happened to him. We are hoping to hear from more people who witnessed the assault, or knows someone who may have been a witness.

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