Connie L.
"After my husband, Lee, was inadvertently overdosed during a routine heart surgery the hospital refused to take any responsibility for the injury they helped to cause. He went from being a strong, intelligent, totally independent man to being completely disabled. He suffered a global anoxic brain injury leaving him physically and mentally handicapped. The hospital said they felt bad for him and the family but his injury was not caused by the 18 times too much Amiodorone he was administered. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire team at Corson & Johnson Law Firm a jury found the anesthesiologist that administered the drug, the group that employed him and the hospital to be responsible and awarded my husband a significant settlement. I wish I could put into words how much the caring and compassion of Don meant to our entire family. He took charge and walked us through the entire process. He was, and still is, a highly valued family friend!"