Duane Clark
On August 6, 2019, I was involved in an accident in Florence, Oregon. As I was traveling north on highway 101, driving my Ford F-150, I was run into, broadside, on my left side by a drunk driver driving a one ton Ford truck at a high rate of speed. He was coming across Hwy 101 from a side street. I was hospitalized in Florence I contacted Corson & Johnson Law Firm to represent me and to protect my legal rights regarding the accident/ Attorney Brandon Moore, with Corson & Johnson, was assigned to handle my case. As I started communicating with Attorney Moore about the case, I was immediately impressed with how cordial he is and he appeared to be very sincere and genuinely concerned about the care and my welfare. He was extremely easy to talk to. He instilled confidence in me about the outcome of the case and was very encouraging. In addition to that and very importantly, Brandon exhibited the fact that he was a true professional with impressive legal skills and experience. He handled the case quickly and smoothly, always staying in touch with me an keeping me informed about the status of the. Due to Brandon's expertise I received two large settlements at the conclusion of the case. I highly recommend Brandon Moore to anyone needing expert representation in such matters. I have talked with Brandon on the phone but I have never met him personally. Someday I would love to meet him in person to thank him for all that he has done for me.