Kitti Gale & Curtin Mitchell
Two Grateful and Admiring Clients Don Corson took care of everything after we had a head-on collision with a 3/4 ton pickup. Everyone driving near the junction of the McKenzie Hwy and Santiam Hwy in the Cascade mountains saw our crumpled sedan and were amazed that anyone was left alive. In July 2009 I was one year into retirement but suddenly found myself in Bend, Oregon hospital for 5 days. My husband would be in and out of the ICU for the next two months before he was transported by ambulance to a Eugene care center for weeks of convalescence; it would be the most bleak Thanksgiving we ever experienced. During that tragic half year of our lives Don and his team took care of everything: I never looked at a medical bill; I was never put on hold to listen to music; I didn't have to beg with my insurance agent for a loaner car big enough to feel safe driving again; I didn't talk to salvage dealers or insurance adjusters; and I did not have to negotiate the two individual settlements that held the other driver accountable for his negligence, he walked away from the accident unhurt. When it comes to knowing the law and how to most effectively apply it for his client's benefit, we think he nears genius. During those tragic months of 2009 and the years that have followed, I have come to understand what an incredible human being Don is. He IS a great guy. His sensitivity and compassion as well as his generosity with his time is amazing. Even now, ten years later, he takes time for my calls and makes time to lunch with my husband. Don's professionalism and his personal interest in his clients was so evident to us in our time of tragedy and recovery; Don took care of everything.