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In late October 2017 I was injured in a collision while going to work. A garbage truck pulled out onto the highway from a driveway in Eugene, Oregon, giving me no time to avoid the crash, which totaled my Harley Davidson bike and myself. The truck driver claimed he never saw me.  I lost my left eye, every bone in my face and torso was broken including my neck, and my lungs were damaged. I was life-flighted to OHSU, where the doctors, nurses, and surgeons saved my life and through many surgeries pieced me back together. It was a massive collective of people that was crucial to my survival that day and the days ahead, from my coworkers, the medics on scene, the life flight medics, the doctors, nurses, and surgeons, my daughters, my lovely wife and the rest of my family who were and still are committed to me and my well-being. I truly thank them all for my life. As a result of this event I incurred hundreds of thousands in medical bills. While in the hospital I was blamed for the entire situation. The police report was full of errors and was unrecognizable from what actually happened. Thankfully, my sister-in-law, who works for an attorney, recommended that we hire Don Corson of the Corson and Johnson law firm. Don and his team worked tirelessly to expose the truth. He believed in me from the start, investing heavily to investigate every made-up story and every lie that falsely accused me of being responsible for the crash. Don and his team righted every wrong and in the end the garbage company decided to settle and avoid a costly and embarrassing trial. Don and his team went beyond and above to make sure my family and I are taken care of and that we have a bright future ahead of us. I have come out of this process successfully thanks to Don and the great people he employs. Don Corson has gained my respect. I consider him a part of my family. Thank you Don for taking up my fight with me. You are truly an exceptional person, rare in this world we live in. As of 2023 I will have 33 years riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, with hundreds of thousands of miles in the seat. "This is a way of life for me, this is no hobby, it's who I am." - Vince