The Brain Bucket Brigade—Let’s Put Helmets on Heads

The Brain Bucket Brigade—Let’s Put Helmets on Heads

Every year the Corson & Johnson Law Firm, in partnership with Bicycle Way of Life and local schools, gives away bicycle helmets to kids who might otherwise be unable to afford such a basic safety necessity.  So far, we have helped put bicycle helmets on kids from:

  • Springfield School District (Safe Routes to School program)
  • Yolanda Elementary School (Springfield School District)
  • Riverbend Elementary School (Springfield School District)
  • London Elementary School (South Lane School District)
  • Malabon Elementary School (Bethel School District)
  • Veneta Elementary School (Fern Ridge School District)
  • Adams Elementary School (Eugene 4J School District)
  • Irving Elementary School (Bethel School District)
  • Meadow View School (elementary, Bethel School District)
  • Prairie Mountain School (elementary, Bethel School District)
  • River Road Elementary (Eugene 4J School District)
  • South Eugene High School (Eugene 4J School District)
  • Spencer Butte Middle School (Eugene 4J School District)
  • Willamette High School (Bethel School District)

Watch the Video: Proper Fitting For a Child’s Bike Helmet


  1. Does the helmet fit right? Open your mouth really wide, like you’re going to bite into an apple. The helmet should pull down on the head. If it doesn’t, the straps are not tight enough. Take the helmet off your head and re-adjust the straps. Pro Tip: Put a little rubber band as close to the side straps as possible. No more slipping!
  2. Is your helmet in the right position on your forehead? Look up. Can you see the front of the helmet visor? If not, unbuckle and tighten the side straps.
  3. Does your helmet lean forward into your eyes? Unbuckle the helmet, re-adjust the side straps/chin strap.
  4. Does your helmet slip and move when you shake your head? Most helmets come with ‘sizing pads’ that will help make the helmet fit better. Helmets also may have a universal fit feature on the back of the helmet. Just dial the ring for the right fit.

Time To Replace the Bike Helmet

There are a few steps parents can take to make sure helmets do their job:

  • Make sure the helmet is properly fitted.
  • After impact, the helmet should be replaced. Helmets are designed to protect the rider from only one accident.
  • One rule of thumb on the lifespan of helmets is the two-year rule: An undamaged helmet should be replaced after two years of use.

Get the Brain Bucket Brigade helmet info pamphlet.

With proper helmet wearing habits, we can keep kids on their bikes, and out of harm’s way. If you’d like to know more or get involved with the Brain Bucket Brigade, contact us.

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