Underinsured Motorist Law Protects Oregonians Against Some Insurance Company Loopholes

underinsured motorists

Over the years, we have handled many personal injury cases for people seriously hurt in vehicle collisions that were caused by underinsured motorists. Many of the people we represented had large medical bills and a significant loss of income. Often the injured person had purchased extra insurance to cover such losses, but their own insurance company denied their claim. We would have to file a lawsuit in order to get the insurance companies to take care of their own policyholders.

As of January 2, 2016, Senate Bill 411 became law and closed some legal loopholes that insurance companies used to limit the extra coverage policyholders purchased to protect against underinsured motorists.  For auto insurance policies issued after that date, policyholders are able to receive up to the full amount of the underinsured motorists coverage they paid for if they are injured in a collision caused by an underinsured driver.

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