Unsafe Products

Unsafe Products

Sometimes companies value profits over health and safety. Unfortunately, it takes injuries, or sometimes even deaths, before manufacturers of unsafe products can be forced to make them safe or to take them off the market. It frequently takes legal intervention to force manufacturers to admit mistakes and produce safer products. The Corson & Johnson Law Firm aggressively pursues unsafe product cases to hold manufacturers accountable for the harm their defective products have caused to unsuspecting consumers. 

Product liability cases are one of the most effective ways of making our communities safer.  Consider the example of automobiles. The rate of car accident injuries and deaths (per million miles driven) has fallen for decades.  Much of that improvement is a direct result of consumer lawsuits that successfully pushed for seat belts, air bags, electronic stability control, collapsing steering columns, energy absorbing bumpers, occupant-friendly interiors, and a long list of other safety features.  Many of those lawsuits were called “frivolous” by the manufacturers, but all of them led to safety improvements that eventually came to be accepted as standard and necessary. Automobile product liability cases are a textbook example of how, one case at a time, helping injured people also helps prevent other people from being injured or killed. 

Other examples of how product liability cases have made us all safer include: 

  • Children’s toys
  • Medical equipment
  • Power Tools
  • Appliances
  • Other Vehicles
  • Prescribed and over-the-counter medications
  • Industrial and construction equipment


Holding Unsafe Manufacturers Accountable

The Corson & Johnson Law Firm is experienced in prosecuting cases for people seriously injured or killed by dangerously defective products.  Our cases have revealed corporate wrongdoing, cover-ups, failing to meet safety standards, and management overruling safety engineers, with manufacturers who knew or should have known that their products were dangerous.

Injured people may be reluctant to go up against big corporations and their huge legal and financial resources. We help people stand up for what’s right and compel companies to either accept responsibility or be held accountable. The product liability attorneys at The Corson & Johnson Law Firm have forced these “Goliaths” to financially help the individuals they have harmed, and in the process to produce safer products for everyone. In doing so, they have been recognized by their profession as leading attorneys in this field.  When people stand up to demand change, others do not have to suffer the same harms, and the entire community benefits.

Unsafe Product Cases

Defective Automobile Tire: Wrongful Death

Oregon widow and her four children win $1.4 million federal wrongful death trial.

Defective Exercise Machine Crushes Hand

Jury verdict for injured Oregon woman.

The attorneys at Corson & Johnson have helped countless individuals and families over the past three-plus decades.
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Unsafe Product Resources

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