Which Lawyer is the Right Fit for Your Case?

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The Law and You

This segment of The Law and You features personal injury trial lawyer Don Corson discussing how personal injury attorney’s help their clients. If you have a case that you would like legal advice on, please contact us.


JOEL: This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney Don Corson. Don, with so many lawyers out there, could you explain how a personal injury attorney is different?

DON: Certainly, Joel. Much like you wouldn’t see a dentist for a broken leg, you should not use just any lawyer for an injury case. A personal injury attorney seeks to recover fair compensation for physical, mental, and emotional injuries suffered by a person. That can include medical expenses, lost wages, and human losses such as disfigurement or death. Personal injury attorneys will fight for you, often against large and powerful interests and corporations. They can also help make sure that what happened to you does not happen to others. If you have injuries that require surgery, make sure to talk with an attorney who has successfully tried major cases for seriously injured people. They can make a big difference.

JOEL: Thanks, Don. For more information on how personal injury law helps people and promotes safety, visit CorsonJohnsonLaw.com. The Law and You is a part of Corson & Johnson’s work to Make Communities Safer.

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