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There is no substitute for experience.  We have decades of experience representing people who have survived injuries and families of those who have not.  A personal injury case is too important to be just part of the mix of a law firm’s practice.  Personal injury and wrongful death cases are what we do.  You can get a better sense of the depth of our personal injury and wrongful death experience by looking at our Practice Areas.

Legal Knowledge

The law is in part a system of rules and of procedures for enforcing those rules. Knowing the rules, the procedures, and the realities of law practice is critical. Attorneys at The Corson & Johnson Law Firm have helped to write some of the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure and work hard to keep current with legal developments. They have published legal articles and presented on law and trial topics to other attorneys at seminars, conferences, and conventions. They are also active in organizations such as the American Association for Justice and the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, including in leadership positions.

Proven Trial Results

Those who hurt others and their insurance companies do not settle cases to be nice, or out of sympathy. They settle when they are concerned about the risk of a trial. Their risks go up when faced with attorneys who have a proven track record of trial success.  Attorneys at The Corson & Johnson Law Firm have decades of successful trial experience, which is recognized by such professional organizations as The American College of Trial Lawyers and The American Board of Trial Advocates, as well as by companies such as SuperLawyers and Martindale-Hubbel. Membership in The American College of Trial Lawyers and The American Board of Trial Advocates are both by invitation only, cannot be purchased, and require demonstrated trial advocacy experience and abilities.

Personal Service

Different law firms have different approaches. Some law firms handle hundreds of cases at a time. We prefer to represent a relatively small number of people at a time, to get to know each person individually, and to work on each person’s case as intensively as needed. Each individual we represent has at least several people working on their case.

Free Initial Consultation

One of the reasons to have a free initial consultation is to see if the chemistry is right.  Injury cases are extremely personal.  You will talk about things with your attorney that you might not have told anyone else.  You will place a substantial amount of responsibility for your future in their hands.  Some cases take a long time, and therefore your relationship with your attorney might last for years. It is important that you have trust and confidence in your attorneys, and that in turn they feel like they are the right attorneys for you.  We invite you to contact us about a free initial consultation about your case.

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If you would like to speak with a member of our legal team, please call us at 541-484-2525 or contact us using the form. There is no charge for this initial consultation. We offer Free Virtual Consultations using Zoom. Please fill out the contact form to request an initial consultation.

Please keep in mind that we can only help a limited number of people at one time, and that we try to focus on serious cases where we think we might be able to make a meaningful difference in a person’s life. We will promptly follow-up and be in contact with you.

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